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How to create a complete wireless network at home

If you are seriously thinking about how to create a complete wireless network at home, the first thing – is to buy the “right” of the router. Proper router in this case is a device that provides a stable Internet connection throughout your home or apartment.

Why is it important not to be mistaken

So, which is preferable to choose a WiFi router for your home or apartment, mobile or landline? When choosing a wifi router good quality for your home, we will inevitably encounter some difficulties. These difficulties are largely due to a large selection of devices on the market today. A wide range of products and the lack of experience in this regard can play a bad joke with users.

It is not recommended to choose the Wi fi router at random, without consulting with a specialist. If this is not possible, it is best to take a few minutes of your time to get acquainted with the available devices. It is important to study the characteristics of the full price for vending models, and then make your choice, which one is better.
Which is preferable – a full-fledged router or access point

One of the most common problems – decide to buy a Wi fi router or access point.

Which is preferable? Two Wi fi devices differ from each other not only in appearance but also in functionality. The access point is actually a cable extender, which gives the radio. The signal is simply passed to the cable connected to the device, i.e. the computer. So you provide a wireless connection to the Internet. Using point implies certain settings tcp / ip protocol. Options provided by your ISP. The difficulty lies in the fact that even connect two computers will not be easy. In particular, the need to obtain an additional IP-address.

As for the home Wi fi router, then it is better that the access point is already in its design. It allows you to create a complete wireless network at home. The network will allow you to connect multiple devices – laptops, mobile phones, tablets. To do this, you will only need to enter a password, without making any configuration changes.

Another drawback, which is worth noting in particular the access point – this is the problem with protection from network intrusions. Therefore, you will need the exact Firewall setting on your computer. The router, in turn, has built-in protection feature against network attacks and other threats.

Another point – a range of Wi fi. Radius Access Point is quite limited. It is only 200-250 meters, provided that the signal path is no obstacle. Also, the access point has only one Ethernet-port routers whereas five ports. Four of them – LAN-ports, one – WAN-port. The WAN-ports connect the cables provided by providers. Indicator lights on the front panel, the signal is fed to the work of a particular port. LAN-ports are designed for signal distribution between clients created a local network. It uses twisted pair.

Manufacturers of access points set to factory settings so that DHCP-server is disabled. That is why requires a static IP-address. When the initial setup is necessary to specify the connection protocol that sets the provider. The possibility of access points using different protocols are limited, while the Wi fi routers are much more functional in this regard.
What to look for in the first place

Work router is to offer you a gateway for direct access to the Internet. It is often called a gateway device itself, since it is located at the junction of several networks. This enables using NAT-protocol transform provided by the ISP IP-address in the several local addresses. With this feature, you can connect multiple clients.

To better choose a router, it is important to understand how it can work. In total, there are several modes of operation:

access point;

If you only use one computer, an access point (played by the router) you will have enough. This is what we said in the previous paragraph of this article. In this mode, the router creates around itself a coverage area of a certain radius. You can connect a few other points, such as Wi fi adapters, and individual access points. To provide these functions, you need to use AR-protocol.
The differences between the modes

Which acts as a mode?

Working in client mode is available only for Wi fi routers. It allows you to connect the device to the surrounding wireless network Wi-Fi. This is very useful if, for example, you get a hand on the radio channel of the Internet. Using a cable to the radio network can be connected to desktop computers.

Bridge mode enables to connect together two segments of a standard Ethernet network, remote from each other. This router operating mode avoids wiring, if laying a separate cable is impossible or impractical. End turns invisible network and hence much more protected from unauthorized connections. Nor can we fail to note the excellent performance on the network.

Quite often there is a need to expand the coverage area of the router. Therefore, the router’s functions include the ability to work in repeater mode. Here, the device is used as a signal amplifier, extending from the core router. In this case, it is important to properly locate routers.

You see, the Wi-Fi routers can be used in different ways. The choice of equipment will depend entirely on your needs. But we are left with an important question: what is necessary to pay attention to the process of selecting a device for a house or apartment.
The main parameters of the router, affecting its functionality

The main thing to consider when buying a device for the home, is the following factors:

the presence of an external antenna;
the ability to support the most advanced data transfer protocol;
availability of network security protocol;
technical specifications;
a certain class of router;
operating frequency;
communication protocol;
what will be the price;
which by the manufacturer it was issued;
the presence of Russian interface;
the presence of the official firmware.

The filling provides the functionality of the device. If you need a router work in different modes (as mentioned above), the filling and the configuration will be paramount. Note the presence of the USB port, which will depend on the ability to support a 3G-modem cameras, printers. Some routers allow you to use ADSL-connection.

Before you buy a router for a home, you need to make sure that it has a high quality and a powerful antenna. To do this, look at the specifications. Power rating is measured in decibels. Which is better, obviously – you need to select the device with the highest value dBi.

It is important that the router supports this communication protocol, like TCPIPv6. Who is most often using IPv4, the but it is limited to the length of the IP-addresses.

Once again we remind, that in any case can not forget about the presence of advanced network security protocols – WPA and WPA2.

The most important characteristics that need to pay attention to include: memory, processor speed, the amount of flash memory.

If you intend to play online games and downloading large files, choose a router with a WiFi data rate of 300 Mbit / s.

Class router is paramount. Modern routers should work in 802.11ac and 802.11n mode. Only devices that support such regimes are able to function at maximum speed.

A complete wireless network is capable of operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. But the best option – it is the frequency of 5 GHz wireless router. It is necessary to choose a dual-band router, which provides much better performance.

Modern service providers use different data transmission protocols. It is important to make sure that the router supports the protocol provided by your ISP.

Keep in mind that the number of functions directly proportional to the cost of the device. Also, the price depends on the brand. The well-known brand will cost more, but the price of their work is over.

But, despite the cost, the best option would be the purchase of a popular brand of router. Manufacturers provide a reliable guarantee, and brand reputation will speak for itself.


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Sep 06

Can smoothies harm health and shape?

Can smoothies harm healthSmoothies – a favorite delicacy of the majority of people who adhere to a healthy diet. Especially popular this thick sweet drink among vegetarians and vegans. For me personally, smoothies – it is an integral part of the daily diet. Every day (with rare exceptions), I drink for breakfast a large mug of banana smoothies with different additives (berries, herbs, seedlings, etc..). Often, and for dinner too …

But the question – not whether smoothies harmful? I am often confronted with the fact that people are afraid to drink it due to the fact that it can lead to weight gain. Like, bananas calorie themselves. Like many other fruits. In liquid form, they are very easy to overeat, that is to lose control of consumed calories. And then there is the view that the smoothie is not ideal from the point of view of digestion. After all, the longer we chew, the better to digest food. Smoothies, we do not chew and drink quickly.


In this article, I decided to disassemble smoothies and answer the questions:

whether it is possible to gain weight due to a smoothie?
Do good smoothies in terms of digestion?
how much you can drink a smoothie a day?
which is better – a smoothie or whole fruits

So, smoothies and weight. How it all began?

In 2000, a study was published 1, during which compared the effects of liquid and solid food at the number of calories consumed. The subjects were added to the diet 28 teaspoons of sugar per day, in addition to the rest of the meal. The first group – in the form of soda. The second – in the form of marmalade. The number of calories in the daily servings of soda and fruit candy was identical – 450 kcal.

As a result, total calorie intake the day in the second group had not changed. The body has fixed an additional 450 calories from marmalade and reduced the consumption of the rest of the food. But in the first group of the day significantly increased the number of calories! With that said, the body does not recognize those calories, which come as a part of soda, and reduced consumption of other foods. A month later, the weight of the second group of participants has increased.

it was concluded from this that the liquid food does not give the feeling of satiety and leads to increased calorie intake. Does this mean that a glass of smoothie for breakfast is perceived by the body as the lack of breakfast and during the day we eat more food than if breakfast just fruit ??? Looking ahead, I will answer – no, it does not. The devil, as always, is in the details …

Firstly, soda and marmalade differ not only in physical form, but also composition. Therefore, the experiment can not be considered clean. Now, if to compare and banana smoothie from this banana! Secondly, no soda, no marmalade are not healthy food themselves. The question – and if it was not harmful sodas, and smoothies with fresh fruit, it would lead to weight gain in the second group of participants?

Let us turn to a more valid research:

Investigation .: 2007 Vegetable soup VS 2. Sliced vegetables soup was more nourishing than the same vegetables, cut into pieces! So hearty that eating soup as a first course for dinner led to the fact that the volume of the second portion of food significantly decreased. A total number of calories eaten for lunch time, there were fewer than if the soup was not, and it was only the second dish (see. Figure). So the conclusion is that all of the liquid does not satisfy, not true!

With vegetables is clear. And what fruits account ???

Research 2012 VS .: Fruit Salad Fruit smoothies 3. Salad was more nourishing than a smoothie, made from the same fruit. saturation ratio was about 10% higher. Not such a big difference! But it disappears if you do not drink, and have a smoothie! It turned out that if the feeding experiment participants smoothies not in the glass, and in a bowl with a spoon, then the saturation of the same smoothie will be exactly the same as from the whole fruit (see. Table).

And another study …
I recently came across a very interesting page on the Internet that you want to recommend:

Weight Loss shakesProbably every girl thought about how to be more beautiful and how to make a chic manicure at home. Just to learn how to do a manicure and do not pay money for it constantly, you can once learn to do it every time to be creative in the process. Here’s a look at the lessons of this page, you will love it and you will be always with a luxurious manicure.
And if suddenly a manicure, you already know how to do, then you are to complement the image can still learn how to build lashes home. In the salons of the procedure is expensive, but it is very easy to do yourself in the mirror. Men are very fond of lush lashes and you will always attract the attention of the opposite sex. Here on this page there are detailed instructions how to build and shoot eyelashes.
If a pimple appears on the face, then every girl terribly shy and tries to hide it by various means. We must look for the cause of acne in the diet, but it is quite a long process, and it is necessary to remove a pimple today. Here in this manual refers to how to remove acne for 5-10 days, so that the use, the girls and be beautiful.

Research 2005 .: Applesauce Sliced apples VS VS Apple juice 4. It was found that after 3-eaten apple hungry reduced for 15 minutes. Apple juice is made from the same apple, hardly reduces the feeling of hunger, that is, does not make saturation. But applesauce (heated in the microwave) fills about as well as whole apples! This saturation lasts longer, that is the day you eat the minimum number of calories (see. Figure).

Conclusion: The thing is, how long you eat this or that food! The longer, the better saturation!

Apple or any other fruit juice you drink very quickly, in just a minute. In addition, the juice is deprived of an essential component for digestion – fiber. So really there is no saturation of the juice. Hard as the foods you eat much longer chew thoroughly, leading to maximum saturation and better digestion. Hot soup or warm applesauce eat you too long, so as not to get burned.

Smoothies – it is in fact a happy medium between juice and solid fruit! Even if you drink smoothies in one gulp, it saturates much better than juice, and almost as hard fruits. But it is often a smoothie drink nicer than eating fruits. Due to soft consistency and a delicious variety of additives (berries, superfudam, spices ….). And if you have a smoothie with a spoon, it will be the best option! So my advice to you – do not drink in one gulp smoothies and better savor it in your mouth before swallowing. And even better – eat it with a spoon. This will improve satiety and digestion. Personally, I like to do very thick smoothies, which is good to eat with a spoon!

To make a thick smoothie:

Add considerably less water or
Add the ingredients that give dense texture: flax seeds, chia seeds, green germ buckwheat (or other cereals).

Another very interesting point) If you still think that a smoothie does not satisfy (in spite of the arguments), then for you personally it will be so. This is called “placebo effect.” And many times he found confirmation in the experiments. Actually hunger people depends not on the actual caloric meal, and the expected caloric meals. Strange but true!

For example, the famous study “Mind vs. milkshake” 6. People were given two cocktail glasses – one high-calorie and fat, with the word “indulgence”, another – low-fat and low-calorie with “Shake Light” inscription. All participants of the experiment indicated that the first cocktail was very hearty and completely quenched their hunger. After the cocktail they did not want to eat. After the second cocktail hunger returned more quickly, and people want to eat anything else. But in fact, both cocktails were identical!

Conclusion: Our subjective perception of food is very significant effect on how many calories we eat per day.

I advise you not to think that the smoothie does not saturate and leads to weight increase, not cheat yourself, but instead listen to your body) The body does not let you down and give you a signal that you are satisfied)

And most importantly – often the assertion that fattening of smoothies, I hear from people who in addition to smoothies to eat burgers, chicken, fat fish, cookies, cakes, chocolate, curds and other foods, the standard for modern society. Here’s my question – are you sure it’s all about a smoothie? It’s like a person, just tightly dinner at McDonalds, to complain about the fact that he gets fat from eating a banana! It seems to me, the banana has nothing to do with it …

Unfortunately, the food modern man supersaturated fats. These fats accumulate in the body. Not always in the form of excess weight. But always in the form of excess fat in the blood (which becomes in the truest sense of the word fat) and inside the blood vessels (the fat layers on the walls of blood vessels). Fat and sugar are not compatible with each other and lead to a breach of digestion and weight gain. Therefore, if you eat fatty foods during, and after – sweets (whether it be chocolates or fruit smoothies), you will certainly meet within your body’s fat and sugar together and it will be an explosive mixture! More information can be found in the article: “The sugar in fruit – if it can be harmful?”.

Conclusion: Do not blame fruits and fruit smoothies is that they lead to excess weight. A better closer watch your diet and look for imperfections in it. Fruits and smoothies – they are our friends. Yes, they are sweet, but it’s natural sweetness. Yes, they are hearty and often high-calorie, but those calories are absorbed immediately into the blood and converted into energy, without delay in the form of fat and spreading huge amount of vitamins and nutrients throughout the body! Fruit – it is life, it is easy, it is energy, it is slim healthy body)

Further. Smoothies and digestion. This topic we have touched on in passing. After all, a good digestion and normal weight stable – these things are complementary. For digestion, too, it would be better if you drink a smoothie slowly, but better – eat it with a spoon. The processing of food starts in the mouth, using saliva. And the slower you eat the food, the better it is digested. Besides from food consumption rate depends on such an important health factor as the level of blood sugar.

Weight Loss SmoothiesAfter a glass of fresh juice, for example, blood sugar levels dramatically jumps. To align it, your body throws the hormone insulin. However, a sharp release of insulin leads to the fact that the blood sugar level drops too much and it becomes much lower than before the moment when you start to drink juice. Such jumps levels of sugar and insulin are harmful to the body, especially for its organs like the adrenal glands and pancreas. When you eat a piece of fruit, nothing like this happens. As for smoothies, everything depends on whether:

how quickly you drink it and
of what you are doing it.

For example, in the case of apple smoothie, it is important to drink it slowly, otherwise – a jump of sugar you can not avoid. But there are some fruits / berries, which in principle do not raise blood sugar levels. This, in particular:

all berries
every green

Studies have shown that from the point of view of digestion and blood sugar levels much difference between the banana and banana smoothies were found. Moreover, bananas themselves reduce blood sugar! 250 grams of bananas a day (1-2 pcs.) Reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics by 10% within 4 weeks of 7. Therefore, a common narrow-minded notion that the sweet bananas raise blood sugar and are contraindicated for diabetics, is devoid of scientific justification. The same applies to mangoes. They contain a special ingredient – mangiferin – which helps to lower blood sugar.

Berries – it is generally a separate topic! They are so beautiful that because of the special phytonutrients are able to align the level of sugar in the blood even after you drink water with sugar (after which usually marked a terrible leap of sugar, which, after the release of insulin is replaced by an even more eerie sugar drop) 8. Surprisingly, berries are not just a little bit of sugar line the jumps, but bring them to the full rate! Drinking smoothie with blueberries for 6 weeks is able to fully restore the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Therefore, add berries to smoothies – this is a great idea.
My experience

And a little about my personal experience. My diet consists of 2/3 of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Other – vegan food is cooked (without oil and with a minimum amount of salt). Thus, the fruit I eat a lot. And including a smoothie. Smoothies do mainly of bananas, water and a variety of additives, whether herbs, flax, buckwheat, green, fruit smoothies … To always use only ripe bananas – those that the black spots. Some of you may resent that this is the most high-calorie bananas. But I think in terms of utility and know that bananas flyspecked – the most useful. This is what I wrote in detail in the article “Solar super-fruit. 10 amazing facts about the banana. ”

So, in this case with my weight all right. That is a huge amount of fruit that I eat a smoothie, does not spoil any of my figure or my health. Rather, on the contrary!

Conclusion: The research that I present in this article, for me personally to work in practice.

Drink smoothies, friends, and know that this is helpful! Restrictions on the amount of drinking smoothies a day no. You can at least 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner) Only it is unlikely you will want so much, because we are all foodies and like to eat varied. And of course, do not forget about the whole fruit, because they are the most helpful, apart from the competition! When we eat whole fruits and vegetables, we give the work of the masticatory muscles, improves digestion by chewing more thoroughly, cleanse the intestines, etc.

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Jun 05

Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Carpet

The best and Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Carpet is to guarantee the toughness of the rug and the deck is the establishment of a proper floor covering underlay which is laid in the middle of these two keeping the wear and tear of both of these. This under floor covering material shields and protects the rug and includes additional mass for better padding.

Underlays give a vibe of extravagance while strolling on the floor covering while having certain key elements of engrossing sound, dampness and warmth. Underlays essentially pad the impact of the distinctive feet that proceed onward the floor covering day by day.
Natural_Waffle_Rubber_Underlay_and_Carpet_UnderlayThere are various sorts of underlays for floor covering accessible in the business sector from which a man can settle on a decision in view of the necessities and prerequisites of the individual. The most widely recognized sort of rug underlay is the waffle elastic sort which is the most favored underlay sort because of numerous reasons. One such reason is its accessibility in any thickness relying upon the thickness and nature of the floor covering. It is constantly mixed up that the heaviest or the thickest one is the best or perfect for a rug, however, this is not valid. The waffle elastic underlays are accessible in numerous value ranges with the level elastic ones being the most costly. The level elastic waffle underlays are understood for its dependable nature notwithstanding when the lifecycle of the floor covering has finished commonly.


carpet_padding_underlay_by_Polyurethane_rebond_foamThere is another assortment of underlay which a man can get in the business sector known as the Eco-accommodating reinforced polyurethane chips underlay that is made out of reused old furniture. This is most likely appealing for every one of those individuals who are profoundly worried about the earth.

Glow underlays are amongst those underlays which are anything but difficult to handle, keep up and clean. Cirrus underlay is a decent insulator of sound and warmth and works extremely well for the homes amid the winters and keeps down the clamor sensibly. Cumulus underlay is surely understood for the padding models and open to covering, however, is suited just for spots where there are fewer footfalls.

If there should be an occurrence of overwhelming movement a silver Lining Underlay can be picked and this settles on it the best decision for business places, for example, offices. The super contract underlay is appropriate for business foundations as it is exceptionally shabby and tough diminishing the capital consumption on deck.

Getting an underlay is extremely helpful as it protects the rug, secures the floors and solaces the general population who stroll on them. These underlays are entirely successful in catching the warmth and in this manner ended up being exceptionally valuable amid winters. This spares loads of warming prerequisites and force costs. Sound proofing is critical these days as no one needs the outcasts to know anything that is going on inside.

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Jun 05

Baking Soda For Carpet Cleaning

Baking Soda is the best solution for cleaning a carpet with spilled food and fluids, foot traffic, and pet odor among other forms of dirt. It offers an environmental friendly and safe way of removing stains and odors. It is also cheap and easy to use. A successful cleaning requires one to follow systematic steps.

Carry Out Preliminary Cleaning

Make sure you vacuum the carpet first since mixing baking soda with dirt will be ineffective. Vacuuming the carpet will remove large particles of dirt. Most of dirt is within the carpet fibers and needs to be brought to the surface and removed. It your carpet is very dirty consider washing it with shampoo or a mixture of vinegar and water. Wait until the carpet is dry enough before applying baking soda.


Deal With Traffic

Make sure you in form the whole family that you are cleaning the carpet to avoid people walking in during cleaning and baking soda treatment. If the traffic is unavoidable, plan on how you can treat one section at a time.


Transfer the baking soda in to a larger shaker before application for it has a tendency to get clumpy. Sprinkle the baking soda over the entire area of interest. You will need one to two baking soda boxes. Sprinkle until all parts of the carpet are covered. Make sure you use unexpired baking soda. A fresh baking soda removes more dirt and smell. You can add more scent by using adding drops of essential oil. Others include; lavender, lemon, eucalyptus and cedar. Make sure the scent used is safe for pets.


Use a sponge or a brush to scrap the carpet. This ensures the baking soda gets deep into the fibers especially if your carpet is long and shaggy. Deep scraping ensures all parts of the carpet are coated with baking soda. You can use a rag to rub into the carpet to take care of delicate fibers.


Cover newly exposed spaces with baking soda. Leave the coated carpet overnight or longer while ensuring there is no interference. The more time allowed to coat the carpet the better the results. Baking soda works by neutralizing and absorbing odors. Finally, vacuum up the baking soda. This should be done slowly and carefully since it takes time to remove all the baking soda. You need to make more than one rounds of vacuuming to remove all the baking soda.


  • Bio gradable
  • Safe to humans and pets
  • Less irritation


  • May require complementary products
  • May need more than one application

Maintain the cleanness by carrying out the process weekly to prevent smells from building up. If applied correctly, baking soda will help you sanitize, clean and deodorize your carpet.




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